Francesca Abela Tranter trained at the Tanya Bayona Princess Poutiatine Academy in Malta and The London Contemporary dance School in the U.K. Francesca comes from an extensive dance background having trained in various disciplines ranging from classical, jazz, Spanish dance, tai chi, movement studies, choreography and specializing in contemporary dance.

She has been teaching since 1982 and in 1987 was invited to teach In Malta. She trained and choreographed from 1987 - 1998 the Tanya Bayona Dance Theatre Company in the contemporary field where many of her choreographic repertoires were performed both locally and overseas. She has prepared many dancers for festivals and competitions and has also received recognition for her choreographic works both locally and abroad. She is the winner of the Malta choreographic group awards (1998).

During this time she has attended numerous workshops and courses further developing her own style of teaching and the skills of dance communication. In August 1998 she founded Contact Dance Company and began experimenting with various dance vocabulary. She has made use of her experience of movement in the areas of movement therapy with various groups such as drug rehabilitation centres.

In founding Contact Dance Company the challenges faced her to be diversified as possible by exploring varying cultural dance influence and fusing it with technology to create interesting and valid dance pieces. Creating an opportunity in spring boarding and encouraging her own dancers to develop their own choreographic skills and ideas working through the use of the Company as a tool base in collaboration.

Over the years she has enhanced local theatre by collaborating in bringing into Malta various dance companies for performances, organising open workshops and festivals. Determined to raise the profile of contemporary dance in her country she continues to develop artistically through the constant international collaborations of workshops, lectures and performance.

Her strong individual choreographic voice in contemporary dance theatre has led to critic reviews branding her as a choreographer ready to embrace diversity and challenges which is now her recognized trademark. Through her international performances and many collaborations she has created a reputed network of international dance exchange. She continues to freelance at various schools and guest teaches on occasion on an international level.

Francesca teaches a Cunningham based class developing an understanding how the body moves from the centre into space, using the shift of weight as the initial process, connecting the breath through the movement from the spine. Also developing the fall and recovery in connection with transcending the total release of movement. She teaches all ages, but mostly focuses on training professional dancers. She is presently based at the Dance Workshop, and The Creative Dance Studio, Malta.



1989 - choreography - first prize - Contemporary dance section - Premio citta di Catania international dance competition -'Lament' danced by Claire Vella.

1992 - choreography - 5th Concours international de Dance de Paris at the L'Operas Comique and the Theatres des Champs Elysees in France, danced by Theresa Lungaro Mifsud

1992 - choreography - 'La Forza del Destino' presented in the Dance Festival celebrating Verdi ' Coreografie d'Autore" in Livorno, Italy. Danced by the youth Tanya Bayona dance company . Voted the most favourable by journalists

1993 - choreography - 7th Concours International de Danse de Paris held at the L'opera Comique and Theatres des Champs Elysees in France. Danced by Janet Vella.

1992 - 5th Grand Prix International video Dance held under the patronage of the Conseil International de la dance - UNESCO held in Sete, France. "The Absurdities of Life" danced by Claire Vella.

1994 - choreography - two sols performed at Paco and Friends festival organised by Art Forum Schaffhausen Switzerland, held in France. Danced by Justin Barker and Theresa Lungaro Mifsud

1998 - choreography - 5th Rencontres Europeennes de Creation Choreographique RECC98 - "Sanctus - a celebration of life" - danced by the youth Tanya Bayona dance company.

1998 - "The Walls speak" - winner of the First Choreographic Group awards in the Contemporary dance section. Performed by senior members of the Tanya Bayona ballet Academy.

1999 - "Choices" - Choreographic Platform - Almada Portugal, performed by Contact Dance Company.

1999 - "Choices" - 9th International festival of Modern dance, Kaunas , Lithuania , performed by Contact Dance Company.

2000 - "Choices" - selected amongst 6 finalists - 'Il mare che unisce- mediterraneo' dance competition in Genoa , Italy.

2000 - "Choices", and premiered "Lighting passages and Dialogues" at the International arts festival in Ankara Turkey, performed a full programme by Contact Dance Company.

1999 - "Transition" - dance video selected in Napolidanza - danza elletronica, in Italy. Performed by senior dancers from Central Academy of Ballet.

2000 - 'Transition' dance video selected in the final 30 from 60 entrants for the 'Constellation - dance screen' festival in the UK performed by senior dancers from Central Academy of Ballet.

2001 - Guest Teacher for the 3rd International European Festival in Ankara, Turkey

2001 - Dance Celebration Central Academy of Ballet "GANESH" performed by Senior Students

2002 - 1st International Modern Dance Night in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

2002 End of Term Demonstration Upper School, The Dance Workshop Contemprary Demonstration FUSING TECHNIQUES, CONTACT IMPROVISATION AND RELEASE WORK by COntcat Dance Company

Space in Time St Agathas Auditorium by the Dance Workshop

SAC-RED Choreogrpahy Jodie Farrugia performed by COntcat Dance Company

GRAVITY CATCH ME I M FALLING Senior students of teh Dance Workshop Choreography Francesca Abela Tranter

2004 JEWELS Performance at St. Agathas by the Dance Workshop senior students performed GOLD AND BLACK AGATE Choreography Francesca Abela Tranter

2005 POETRY IN MOTION performance at St. Agathas Auditorium Rabat, the Dance Workshop Senior students performed THE MOODS OF WATER - Choreography Francesca Abela Tranter

2006 THE ART OF DANCE St. Agathas Auditorium by the Dance Workshop

FULL CIRCLE SQUARED performed by senior students, choreographed by Francesca Abela Tranter

PAINTINGS inspired by Luciano Micallef

2007 NO FIXED POINTS St.Agathas Auditorium Rabat The Dance Workshop

AIR MANIFESTATION Senior Students, Cheoreography Francesca Abela Tranter

ALTERNATIVE MOVES AND SPACES Showcased by Contact Dance Company

5th May 1978 - "Echoes of Dance & Music from Vienna" performed at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.

29th December 1980 - Xmas Pantomine "Aladdin" performed at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.

23rd April 1982 - "The Kind & I" Musical perfomed at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

6th November 1982 - "Meridan" perfomed at St. Paul's College, Rabat.

27th July 1983 - Malta International Arts Festival (MALTAFEST) performed at San Anton Gardens, Attard.

4th July 1985 - 8th Annual Ballet concert performed at the Catholic Institute, Floriana.

10th June 1988 - Musical Soiree for the Communitiy of Mediterranean Univeristies performed at the University Hall, University of Malta, Ta'Qroqq.

30th June 1988 - 11th Annual Ballet Concert performed at the University Hall, University of Malta, Ta'Qroqq.

20th July 1988 - Music & Dance Soiree at the University of Malta, Tal-Qroqq.

24th June 1989 - Movements and Contrasts performed at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.

16th April 1989 - "Stone Can Sing" performed at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta on the occassion for the official visit of the SECRETARY GENERAL of the UNITIED NATIONS.

14th February 1990 - Theatre Dinner performed at the Suncrest Hotel , Qawra.

21st June 1990 - 13th Annual Dance Academy Concert at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.

23rd November 1990 - Malta International Choir Festival at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

1st December 1990 - "A celebration of dance" performed at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.

24th May 1991 - "Dance Overture" performed at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.

11th August 1991 - Dance Concepts performed in the open air venue of the Old Opera House Ruins, Valletta

18th June 1991 - Anniversary Highlights performed at St. Agatha Auditorium, Rabat.

12th July 1991 - "Voices" performed at the Maltafest Festival, Old Opera House Ruins, Valletta.

16th August 1992 - "Ballet Baroque" in the Mediterranean Nights festival at the Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

26th September 1992 - "The Psalms" performed at the University Theatre, University of Malta.

2nd July 1993 - Dance Gala Performance on the occasion of the visit of DAME BERYL GREY at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

24th June 1994 - Soiree de Danse performed at the Ballet Studio, Sliema.

15th July 1995 - "The Legacy of Danse" performed infront of guest of honour JEAN ROBIN at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

12th March 1996 - 50th Anniversary Concert for the Vassallo Builders Group Ltd. at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta.

18th July 1996 - "La Danse et la Joie !" Annual School show performed at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

18th November 1996 - Gala Dinner for the Alliance Francaise de Malte at the Casino Maltese, Valletta.

7th March 1997 - "Firedance" performed at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

15th July 1997 - "Shaman" performed at the Annual Studio peformance held at the Tanya Bayona Academy of Dance, Sliema.

1st July 1998 - "Feeling Fruitly" for Music for Dance Soiree,performed at the Casino Maltese, Valletta.

10th July 1998 - "Transitions", a choreography forming part of the Divertissement performed at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

July 2000 - 'New Beginnings' dance show by the Dance Workshop students - at St.Agathas Auditorium, Rabat, Malta - performed 'Dynamics in Space' and 'First Time'

October 2000 - Dance Power, organised by The Dance Council of Malta UNESCO at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta, Malta. - 'reckless initiatives in seeking new territories' in collaboration with Theresa Lungaro Mifsud, and Claire Vella, with dancers from the Dance Workshop.

July 2001 - 'Dance Encounters' dance show by the Dance Workshop students at the St.Agathas Auditorium, Rabat, Malta - performed 'Follow and Exchange'.


Workshop conducted by Jasmin Vardimon

MAY 2000
Choreographer & Artistic Director of the Zbang Dance Company,UK.

Zbang Dance Comapny were brought over by Francesca Abela to participate in the Trampoline Dance Season organsied by the Manoel Theatre and sponsored by the British Council.
The Workshop was held at the Dance Workshop, Gzira, Malta.
Workshop conducted by Thea Nerissa Barnes

JUNE 2000
Artistic Director of The Phoenix Dance Company, UK brought over for two performances at the Manoel Theatre part of the trampolene dance season sponsored by the British Council. Workshop held at Central Academy, Malta.

Workshop conducted by Michael Joseph and Charmaine Seete at the Central Academy in Malta

APRIL 1998
Union Dance performed two performances at the Manoel theatre sponsored by the British Dance Council.

Workshop conducted by Lea Anderson

MARCH 1997
Choreographer and Company Artistic Director of "The Featherstonehaughs" who performed in Malta at the Manoel Theatre, sponsored by the British Council. Premiering the works of Egon Schiele.
Workshop conducted by Laurie Booth

APRIL 1997
Choreograher and Solo Peformer
Lea and her Dance Company together with Laurie Booth, were brought over to Malta by Francesca Abela for the British Cultural Week organised by the British Council and the Manoel Theatre of Malta.

The Workshops were held at the Central Academy of Ballet, San Gwann, Malta.